Reconciling People to God

The evangelism of pastors, ministers & servants of God, so that they can evangelise the people.


BOL Bible Academy

An inter-denominational Christian academy instituted for the spiritual development of ministers of God.

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Quarterly Pastors' Summit

Ministers of God coming together as one body in Christ to receive divine empowerment, with a singular aim of running a successful ministry and evangelizing the world.


Crusades & Evangelism

Evangelism is the soul of Christianity, and the duty of every Christian. The Lord wants Christians to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, everytime.


Ante-Natal Clinic

A forum where the ministry visions are identified and nurtured for excellence, through the power of prophetic Word and prayers. A session holds every last Thursday of the month.


Welcome to Bearers of Light

Bearers of Light Missions World Outreach was established with an ultimate mission to evangelize pastors and ministers of God, who would in turn evangelize the world as commissioned by the Lord.

In our quest to reach out to ministries and ministers across the country, zones are created across the country where teachings in line with these objectives are carried out monthly.


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