BOL Bible Academy

The BOL Bible Academy is an inter-denominational Christian academy instituted for the spiritual development of ministers of God. The level of competence of skilled ministers in ministry assignments determines the state of the sheep in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, there is an urgent need to introduce another dimension to the curriculum of study in the Bible schools in this nation to enhance the quality of ministers and their deep understanding of the assignment Jesus has committed into their hands.

A major concern that faces mission work at this end time, is the fact that many ministers went into ministry without knowing what their ministry assignment entails. There is therefore an urgent need for emphasis to be given to ministry operations at this end time because of the wiles of the devil.

Pursuant to the need to address the major challenges in ministry and ministers’ life, a project plan of action to build a positive mind set to instruct and create a platform to inculcate the fundamental truth about ministry and life of the ministers of God is therefore instituted.

Our Mission

To equip and raise men of ‘Stephen generator’ full of faith and power, great wonders and miracles, wisdom and Spirit; men, like angels, who would lay down their lives for the propagation of the gospel.