About Bearers of Light Missions

During one of the personal studies of Dr. Sam Oyemade in August 2010, the Lord expounded to him the efficiency of knowledge in ministerial assignment. It was further explained to him that many ministers of God are largely inadequate to run a successful Ministry both in knowledge and other requirement to carry the assignment.

A large proportion of Ministers of God lack Ministry fundamentals as such they put in or lot of efforts in the wrong direction without result. On the strength of this, the Lord gave him a mandate to reach out to the Ministers of God for spiritual empowerment.

It is in the light of this that the Bearers of Light Missions World Outreach was established with an ultimate mission to evangelize pastors and ministers of God, who would in turn evangelize the world as commissioned by the Lord.

The minister of God has a singular mandate of reconciling people back to God and BOL is to create an enabling environment to expound the ministry of Reconciliation to the Pastors and ministers for fulfillment of their divine calling through a platform – the Pastors’ Summit 2 Corinthians 5:18-19.

No man gets to heaven without the preaching of the Word, and the unveiling of the Mystery of the Kingdom is made possible through the preaching of Pastors. Anybody can be anything in his field but he needs a pastor to fulfill God’s divine agenda for his life.

In our quest to reach out to ministries and ministers across the country, zones are created across the country where teachings in line with these objectives are carried out monthly.

Our Mission

To be noted all over the world as one of the end-time ministries with a mission to reconcile people back to God.

Our Belief

We believe no man gets to heaven without the hearing of the word, and pastors are sent to preach the messages of salvation which remains the platform – Romans 10:17.

Our Affiliation

We believe and share the vision and objectives of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). We are committed to their activities and in this regard, join hands with other ministries to actualize the fundamental reason for its establishment.

Our Mandate

We have a mandate to reach out to the following groups in the body of Christ:

  1. Church-Based Pastors
  2. Evangelists and Itinerants Ministries
  3. Preparatory Ministry
  4. Friends of the Kingdom/Business Group